Special Projects Fiscal Sponsorship (SPFS)

In addition The Foundations workforce training and technical assistance work, The Foundation 501c Economic Development efforts includes Fiscal Sponsorships for qualifying entities and program with or without their tax exempt status their 501(c)(3).  We are particularly focused on start-ups in the initial/early stages of their tax exempt status who are less than 2 years old. If you’re an idea on a piece of paper, that means you too!

However, we also recognize there are For-Profit and Private entities that wish to operate charitable programs.  As such, we provide a mechanism for them to achieve that thru our Special Project Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Fiscal Sponsor opportunities are only granted for US entities pursuing or recently granted status as a US tax exempt entity (charity, nonprofit, foundation, association, other designation as defined by the Unites States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  US Entities are defined as programs and organizations’ “headquartered” within the Unites States, who can then be recognized as a US entity by the Unites State Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Please consult the IRS website at www.IRS.gov for clarification on its definition of a US tax exempt entity.

The Special Project Fiscal Sponsorship Program is for applicants who:

  1. prefer to operate as a charitable program, project or pilot program/project, or to launch as a Pilot for a specific Program, Project, or Product development effort,
  2. are choosing to run their Charitable Program as an Internal Program/Project of The Foundation, and/or
  3. wish to maintain their status as a “Charitable Project of The Foundation for an indefinite period of time or at minimum thru the completion of their F1023/24 process should they elect to pursue 501c status as a tax exempt entity.

The timeframe for the SPFS Program exceeds the standard 2-Yrs of the Foundations Primary Fiscal Sponsorship, and is understood to include assistance in securing investment and other financing may where product or products lines are at play in addition to receiving Grant & Donation Processing Services.


Pending F1023/1024 application status is not a factor.  Applications for Special Project Fiscal Sponsorships are accepted with or without Their Tax Exempt Status.  Special Project Fiscal Sponsors durations are unlimited.  Applicants for the Special Project Fiscal Sponsorships have no time restrictions on their program duration as they operate as an “internal” program effort of The Foundations Economic Development Enterprise.

For more information on Special Project Fiscal Sponsorships including fees, activity timetables, email a Letter of Interest (LOI) describing your project to SpecialProjectFS@TheLearnersLabFoundation.org.