Fiscal Sponsorship

The Learners Lab Foundation began as a start-up of volunteer and still is. So we learned, sometimes quite harshly the challenges and shortfalls that exist for those pursuing status as a tax exempt entity. This is true especially with regard to fair market price points, support resources funding, and technical assistance. Our own journey was far many too years in the making and even today more than half a decade later, we still face the barriers as if we were just starting out, and not being recognized or accepted as a Small Business Entity makes that impact even worse. To help eliminate some of these burdens for our peers, The Learners Lab Foundation began as a Fiscal Sponsor and is now building a Economic Development Enterprise as part of its role as a Public Charitable Foundation.

The Learners Lab Foundation supports US entities operating within in the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia. The Foundation is not chartered to sponsor or engage services on behalf of foreign entities, international organizations, or international operations of any kind, at any level, and will not entertain them.

To qualify The Learners Lab Foundations Fiscal Sponsorship Program, your organization or program must be a US entity located and operating within the United States. We sponsor 501c entrepreneurs from the idea/incubator stage thru 2nd year of tax exempt operations for up to two (2) years/24 months. For needs outside of this criteria, please consider our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) Program.

Select on of the following criteria for your program:
<> I/my group has “held” our tax exempt status for two years or less and need help,
<> I/my group is pursuing a 501(c) tax exempt status as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
<> I/my group wants to pursue tax exempt status, but we are at the incubator stage and are just starting,
<> I/my group is a for-profit or individual wishing to (a) operate a Charitable Program or (b) transition from for-profit to tax exempt entity.

Please refer to the guidelines published on for eligibility criteria and clarification as to which specific definition of a tax exempt entity applies to your organization or program as there are a number of differing classification types. While the most popular is 501(c)(3), The Foundation serves and supports all 25+ types of tax exempt entities, therefore all types recognized by the IRS are eligible for Fiscal Sponsorship with us.

To review the IRS Tax Exempt Entities by Type, please visit

The Foundation does not offer sponsorships to charitable-for-profit-entities, which are defined as L3c’s under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While we do not offer fiscal sponsorships to L3c’s, support for L3c’s and other entities that desire sponsorship level services without the legal commitment are delivered through our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC), which is its purpose.


The Learners Lab Foundation Fiscal Sponsorships are a 2-year, 24 month program. The program can be exercised in 1 2-year term or in consecutive 6-month increments with no breaks in between up to the 2-year mark.

In fairness to other applicants, we cannot entertain program renewals beyond the 24 month, 2-year cycle. We established our TASC program is the solution for continued support in excess or in lieu of the 6-month-2-year Fiscal Sponsorship for unlimited and indefinite access to our Economic Development programs, organizations, and small business resources. While our goal is to approve and support every applicant that applies, an open-ended renewal or extension system simply is not feasible.

Please be advised that Grant and Donation Processing is NOT available in TASC. Grant and Donation Processing is a legally binding obligation which by law requires a Fiscal Sponsorship commitment.

The Foundation assess two fees for its Fiscal Sponsorship Program:
1) a nominal Application Fee which is non-refundable and based upon the Category selection of the application, and
2) a Program Registration Fee. The Program Registration Fee is a one-time fee and is refundable within the first 5 business days as part of the Program Cancellation. To date, the only cancellations that have been requested are due to the IRS notifying our Incoming Awardee on the approval of their Form 1023-1024 Application making the fiscal sponsorship with us unnecessary.

Both fees are nominal and are required to off set a number of standard and unique cost including legal, compliance, banking and other obligations we incur including compliance accounts we are legally required to establish and maintain on the Awardees behalf that are independent from our own.

To request a copy of the Fiscal Sponsorship Program Description, the Primary Fiscal Sponsorship Application or the Grant & Donation Fiscal Sponsorship Applications, email us at They are being updated to include new information, new cross support, programs and new or expanded services.


We have learned there are instances where the establishment and or fiscal sponsorship of more than one tax exempt entity is required. As such we have crafted another option for you, its called the Dual-Multiple Entity Fiscal Sponsorship. The DME Application is the same as our Primary FS Application only there are expanded sections to capture information for up to Four (4) entities sponsors at the same time. To keep your costs to a minimum, the Application & Registration Fees have been consolidated into one discounted Flat-Fee as well.

For a copy of the Dual-Multiple Entity Fiscal Sponsorship Application email us at