ATESE: A Membership Association of 501c Founders

Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs (ATESE)

Its 2021 and you would with the IRS approving nearly 1m tax exempt entities each year that they would be a professional association for this unique segment of the business community, many of whom are small businesses. Until Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs there was not.

Through ATESE, The Learners Lab Foundation is building a first of its kind mechanism where you and your fellow 501c Startups Founders & Entrepreneurs can network, share resources and explore both challenges and experiences. A Peers on Peer community of 501c Founders.

In addition to peer networking, ATESE’s mission is to provide a forum where you can speak freely about problems, blockages & gaps in access to funding, financial, talent, and material resources that are encounter in the pursuit of tax exempt status. This give The Foundation first hand accounts, data to document and research and ammunition to use for educating those who can change these occurrences.

Until the IRS has issues its letter of determination, ATESE will operate as a Fiscal Sponsorship Awardee in the The Learners Lab Foundations Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Meantime, ATESE has launched and will move forward as the research and networking body it was intended to be. ATESE operations and networking results will identify issues for social change and supply the Foundation with what it need to develop solutions for. The result means delivery of program and service you as an ATESE member require to assure your organizations success and self-sufficiency.

Check it out! You’ll be glad you did. Visit the ATESE website and join today at: